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Happy Demo Day to all the YC companies in this batch! Congratulations to both the lucky and talented teams. With over 20,000 applications, only around 247 were accepted, showcasing the exceptional work of Garry Tan and the team in curating real gems. Larry Li Huican Zhu and I are already investing in incredible founders, and it was fortunate to meet Connie Loizos, TechCrunch Editor in Chief. It's been a great experience!
Wells Fargo Lunar New Year fireside chat, featuring our own Larry Li and Wells Fargo Commercial Banking CEO Kyle Hranicky.
Larry mentioned“Excited to revisit Wells Fargo, where my career began, and share my Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and investment journey at the Lunar New Year event. Grateful for the support and looking forward to contributing to AAPI representation...


"AMINO invested and partnered with us in our seed round from the very beginning. Dr. Zhu and AMINO have not only provided us with early funding support, but also provided mentorship and business growth guidance."——Weee!
"AMINO invested in our ideas and team in 2013,  when we had no products and users."——Chime Bank
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Larry discusses how startups can survive in competition with more established organizations.

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Larry emphasizes Amino Capital's focus on AI startups leveraging digitization trends and predicts a future where businesses prioritize actionable insights derived from data within systems.

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AI-driven systems like the one developed at Amino Capital demonstrate how AI adds value beyond traditional software by providing predictive analytics and actionable insights, reshaping entire industries.

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